Bet Kvarot is an animation about a Jewish graveyard. It was born out of curiosity for the Jewish habit of leaving tiny pebbles on a loved one’s grave.



Danse Macabre (02:06, 2018) is a study of my fear of dying. It also explores the brief, passing moments, when I don’t fear at all.

The audio is from Kalevala. It is an old lullaby with lyrics about death. Singing to babies about death is a custom that was only practised in Finland, Estonia and Karelia, due to high numbers of infant mortality.

This video is a part of the installation, Danse Macabre.



The Play (00:36, 2018) is a short clip of me as a child, presenting a play with my stuffed animals. It is a dialogue with the video Danse Macabre, both of which part of the installation, Danse Macabre.



Medical Record (02:11, 2017) explores how people with mental health problems are treated in today’s Finland.



Symptom (2015, 01:59) is a video work exploring how it feels to suffer from dissociation and derealisation.