Artist living and working in Tampere, Finland.


Instagram: @vaalae


Group exhibitions

2018: Tule sellaisena kuin olet, Gallery Himmelblau

2018: Maailmantango-festival, Library of Tesoma

2018: Garden Party of Hiedanranta, Resolution-Videoscreening, Lielahti Mansion

2018: Videokanava Screening: W:OW -project, Internet Gallery

2018 The Final Exhibition of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Himmelblau 

2017: Garden Party of Hiedanranta: Wave-Screening, Lielahti Mansion 

2017: 20-100: Rajatila anniversary exhibition, Cafe-bar 931

2017: Elusive Matters Pop up -exhibition, Pyynikintrikoo & Uulu Cultural Center, 

2017: Group Exhibition by Art Students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Cafe Mimosa

2016 Toivomuskaivo & Portti, Haihara

2016 Desire: Double Edged Sword, Nykyaika, Tampere

2016 Desire: Double Edged Sword, OCAD, Toronto

2015 Desire: Double Edged Sword, Bethanian, Berlin

2015 Fleeting Spaces, Rajatila, Tampere


Works owned by

Gallery Himmelblau

Haihara Art Gallery



Auno ja Mauri Riutun säätiö



Rajataide association



The Concept Manifesto (only available in Finnish), self-publication, 2018



2018 Gallery Himmelblau, intern

2017 Backlight-festival, intern

2017 Tampere Art Museum, intern 

2017 Rajatila Art Gallery, intern 

2016 Haihara Art Gallery, Intern



2014-2018 Tampere University of Applied Sciences, BA in Culture and Arts

2013-2014 Ingman Institute of Crafts and Design, Art Department

2012-2013 Jyväskylä Christian Institute, Crafts Department

2010-2011 Helsinki Evangelical Institute, Drama Department

2016-2010 Alajärvi High School