Untitled Photographs, 2016-2021

King Ludwig II and Me, Photography Series, 2021 (30 x 30 cm)

Videos, 2017-2021

Virta (2021, animation, 2:36) is an absurd conversation between a man, a woman and a group of fish.

Medical Record (2017, video, 2:12) tells a story of one person’s mental health, while showing how big the problem is on a national level.

Text & Image, 2020-2021

1917 (2021, booklet, 7 pages) is a short work of art, which handles the subject of World War I. It combines fictional text and found image.

Conversations with Ludwig (Keskusteluja Ludwigin kanssa, 2020, booklet, 9 pages ) combines photography and text. I spent time with the deceased Bavarian king, Ludwig II, and reported our playdates into this artwork.

Käsitemanifesti (self-published booklet, 2018, 16 pages) is a pamflet which represents new Finnish words.